What if the chair cushion is wrinkled?

The sofa cushion wrinkle is a common phenomenon, as long as the front or back of the cushion is slapped in a natural state, it can be restored flat. It can also be ironed to remove wrinkles, but the temperature should not be too high.

What if the chair smells?

Due to the surface and interior of the sofa, there may be an inharmonious smell or an aroma that is unacceptable to individual groups. If you want to remove the smell on the sofa, open the window and ventilate for 5-10 days. The temperature is about 25 ℃, and the smell volatilization period is generally 5-7 days. The higher the temperature is, the faster the volatilization will be, and the lower the temperature is, the slower the volatilization will be.

In the dry season, will there be static electricity on the cloth chair?

Most of the fabrics of fabric chairs are synthetic fabrics containing wool, hemp, or chemical fiber. Due to the electrification of the above materials, coupled with the low temperature, dry weather and poor air conductivity in winter, the discharge phenomenon occurs when people contact with the sofa.

The sponge becomes soft after using the chair for a period of time?

As the sponge is a honeycomb structure with compressibility, the internal structure of the sponge will change after the sofa is used for a period of time due to different stress surfaces and structural deformation. It seems that the sofa has become soft, but it does not affect its use.

How to maintain chairs?

The leather sofa chair should be placed away from the heat sink and should avoid direct sunlight to avoid the aging of the sofa skin.

After using the cushion for a period of time, turn it over or use a clean towel to dip a little water to remove the stains on it.

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